The Effects And Dangers Of Sleeping Pills

Lots of people have trouble sleeping, and when it gets really bad, it can even be labeled as insomnia. People treat sleeping problems or insomnia by themselves with sleeping pills often or even with prescription drugs.

It can be too easy to become dependent on sleeping pills and If you can’t sleep without them, most likely you have serious trouble sleeping.

People think that they can’t get addicted to sleeping pills because they say their doctor said it was okay. That just isn’t true. Sleeping pill addiction is totally possible. In fact, people might not even realize they have an addiction until they start feeling symptoms of withdrawal.

Withdrawal happens when the body grows used to a drug and thinks it can’t function without it. When that happens if you stop taking the sleeping pill then you have withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable or painful.

These symptoms of withdrawal can include:

–    Having several failed attempts to quit

–    Getting cravings for sleeping medications

–    Seeing more than one doctor for prescription refills

–    Continuing to take pills despite negative consequences

–    Experiencing frequent memory loss from the pills

This often happens once they grow tolerant to the drug. Tolerance happens because they use the medication regularly, usually every night. So when that happens their body gets used to it so more is needed to help them get to sleep. So they up their dose without a doctor and that leads to them becoming physically dependent on the sleeping pills or addicted.

Sleeping Pill Effects And Abuse

The use of sleeping pills is not recommended for the long term because of the side effects. Doctors usually only prescribe them if someone has really intense insomnia.

These drugs work very quickly, and this means that they are usually on taken as-needed to help with sleeping.

If these drugs, which are often sedatives, are used without a prescribing doctor then it is abuse. When taken in high doses, usually not as prescribed, they can cause some effects people to enjoy. They can cause a high that can be addictive like many other drugs.

There are other side effects of sleeping pills as well. These side effects include:

–    Reduced anxiety

–    Dreamless sleep

–    Lack of coordination

–    Dizziness

–    Lightheadedness

–    Hallucinations

Often sleeping pills are abused by young adults or teens at parties, abusing them in ways they aren’t meant to be. They can probably find the prescription in their parent’s medicine cabinets so that they can be accessed quite easily.

The pills are meant to be taken short term because over time they can change how your brain works and your sleeping patterns work. This can make insomnia even worse than before they started using it. That is why one should never abuse sleeping pills because it never helps in the long run.