Our website is dedicated to informing the world about the effects of addiction on people in their lives. We have been up and running since 2008, helping save lives and educate others. This information increases the overall knowledge about drug and substance abuse in the world and inspires those with additions to be honest with themselves. Many times, problems with drugs are not noticed because family members or the addict are in denial. Facing your problem and admitting it to yourself is the first step towards health.

We provide facts about several types of addictions and drugs that are abused by people all over the world. In the United States alone there are millions of deaths per year due to drug overdose and alcohol-fueled incidents. The facts we present to the public can save thousands of lives each year.

We want you to be aware of the signs of addiction and how to support people battling their drug abuse. This can make the difference between a world where drugs are rampant or a world where drug use is openly talked about, and people get the help they need instead of messing up their lives and having a negative impact on others.

You can be the inspiration for change by being educated about substance abuse.